Robert Bingham, MFA, PhD, RSME/T. Yoga, Shin® Somatics, Dance.

I offer individual and group instruction in yoga, Shin Somatics, and dance improvisation. These classes cultivate mind-body connection through verbally guided and hands-on movement that develop strength, flow, clarity and balance. A non-judgmental space is created for students/clients to connect with the innate intelligence of the living body.


I am a certified yoga instructor, having completed teacher training at New York Integral Yoga Institute in 1996. My classes draw from the gentle, mindful approach of IYI, while also incorporating flow patterns from Vinyasa styles and from modern dance.  These classes are anatomically-sound, integrating breath awareness with movements of flexion, extension, rotation, side-bending, balance, and inversion, while striking a dynamic balance between activity and rest.

Shin®  Somatics

I am a registered somatic movement educator/therapist (RSME/T) having trained in Shin Somatics at the Eastwest Somatics Institute.  Shin Somatics bodywork sessions combine imagery and hands-on guided movement to enhance energetic flow in the body.  Through attention to the subtle movements of the body, tension patterns can be cleared away, creating space for more ease and pleasure in everyday movements such as sitting, standing, lying down, reaching, rotating, etc.  These sessions are tailored to the specific needs and goals of the student/client and are especially beneficial to those who experience stress, muscular tension and/or specific limitations in their movement.

Dance Improvisation

I am a choreographer, performer and teacher with an MFA and PhD in dance.  My primary movement influences have been release-based contemporary dance techniques, contact improvisation, somatics studies and butoh.  As a doctoral student, I studied western and Asian philosophies of body and wrote my dissertation on dance as a basis for cultivating somatic connection with nonhuman kin and with Earth.  The improvisation classes I teach facilitate experiences of deepening states of movement/consciousness that crystallize and transition into other states.  These classes are transformative, connecting students/clients with creative energy and with emerging potentials and meanings that otherwise may remain dormant in the body.  The classes are accessible to all students; no prior background or training in dance is required.