Selected Choreography and Practice-based Research
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CocoRose LIVE! in Newcastle
Symposium talk at Northumbria University and site-specific performance. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

O Beautiful River (2018)
Public archive documenting the life of the Schuylkill River (work-in-progress). Philadelphia, PA.

Dancing Earth (2017)
Creative research and teaching collaboration with Lani Fand Weissbach. Indianapolis, IN

Improvising Meaning in the Age of Humans: Wissahickon Park 2015-2016 (2016) 
Daily environmental dance practice, research for chapter in Dance and the Quality of Life. Philadelphia, PA

Who (Is) The Body? (2016)
Performance and panel presentation at Doing the Body in the 21st Century Conference.
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.

Last Act (2006/2014)
Solo created for Lani Fand Weissbach.
Erie, PA · Meadville, PA · Cleveland, OH

Rehearsal in Progress (2014)
Site specific work created in collaboration with Molly Shanahan. Philadelphia, PA 
Rehearsal Notes

CocoRose LIVE! at Diane's Circus
Brooklyn, NY

Migration Project (Summer 2013)
Intensive creative practice workgroup I initiated in Berlin, Germany sponsored by the Fulbright Scholar Program. This was a container for dance and visual artists of multiple nationalities to engage in collaborative creative research.

Let's Make a Dance (2013)
Final video-based project for New Technologies Lab, Temple University.
Philadelphia, PA

CocoRose LIVE! on 14th Street (2012)
Performance at Art in Odd Places.
New York, NY
Docudrama at Microscope Gallery

CocoRose LIVE! (2012)
Lounge act at the Elks Lodge, Hornell, NY

Teach Me Tonight (2012)
Dance theater work featuring CocoRose.

More (2012)
Group work created on Alfred University students.

Dance of the Snowflak (2011)
Dance on video.  
PDP Motion Pictures. Philadelphia, PA

I Think I’ll Play Myself (2011)  
Group work created on Alfred University students, with guest star CocoRose.
Alfred, NY 

Feeding the Ghosts (2010)
One-hour installation solo.
Toronto, ON · Zion, UT · Alfred, NY

Crash (2010)
Duet co-choreographed and performed with Lani Fand Weissbach.
Zion, UT 

The Good Life Is Out There Somewhere (2009)
Group work created on Alfred University students.
Alfred, NY

Regardless (2008)
Duet co-choreographer and performed with D. Chase Angier
New York, NY · Philadelphia, PA · Rochester, NY · Puebla, Mexico · Boone, NC ·
Gambier, OH · Alfred, NY

/5/  (2008)
Group dance created on Alfred University students. 
Alfred, NY · Puebla, Mexico

Untitled (2007)
Work-in-progress created in collaboration with Darpana Performing Group performers.
Ahmedabad, India

Selected Performance 

Christina Castro-Tauser, Title TBD
Philadelphia, PA

David Brick, Quiet Circus (2017)
Philadelphia, PA

Merián Soto, Branch Dances: The Practice of Peace (2015)
Philadelphia, PA

Sondra Fraleigh, The Flowing Live Present (2015)
Video dance

D. Chase Angier, Liminal and Along the Way (2008, 2011)
Brooklyn, NY · Alfred, NY

Robert Bingham, Feeding the Ghosts (2010)
See above

Lani Fand Weissbach, Nesting (2010)
Collaborative installation performance for opening of new exhibition wing at Erie Art Museum.
Erie, PA

Diego Piñon, Public Offering  (2009)
Tlalpujahua, Mexico

Kelly Donovan,
Abe Dream Johnny Flow (solo) (2008)
Brooklyn, NY · Alfred, NY · Rochester, NY

Lani Fand Weissbach,
Torn (solo) (2007)
Brockport, NY · Meadville, PA · Asheville, NC · Rochester, NY · Alfred, NY
Erie, PA

Sarah McCormick, You Have My Word (solo) (2005)
Alfred, NY · Brockport, NY

De Facto Dance,
Cinderzilla (2004)
Brooklyn, NY

Video Experiments

These projects are experiments with composing movement for the 2D frame (with little or no editing). They are also a stage in the process of developing live performance works.

Previous Choreography (selected)     

While You Were Sleeping (2006)
Group work created on Alfred University students
Alfred, NY

Some People (2004)
Group work performed to reading of WisÅ‚awa Szymborska’s “Some People”
Woodstock, VT

See What You Want to See (2004)
Concert of solos and duets co-choreographed with Lani Fand Weissbach
University of Rochester 
Rochester, NY

Be My Friend, Come Into My Oven (2002)
M.F.A. thesis dance 
Brockport, NY

Think About Love (2001)
Brockport, NY

Pants (1999)
New York, NY (P.S. 122's "Hothouse") · Philadelphia, PA

Psyclone (1998)
New York, NY · Philadelphia, PA (The Painted Bride)

Previous Performance (selected) 

Performed in works by De Facto Dance, Kelly Donovan, DD Dorvillier, Willie Feuer, Meg Fry, Larry Goldhuber, Headlong Dance Theater, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Paula Hunter, Philippa Kaye, Urip Sri Maeny, Yvonne Meier, Jennifer Monson, Lynn Newman, Aggie Postman, Jody Sperling, Adrienne Truscott, Wallie Wolfgruber, Ellis Wood
(1991 - 2001)